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Odynet Digital Subscriber Line service (DSL) offers highly secure, high-speed, cost-effective business Internet connectivity over existing landlines - without interrupting voice services. Choose Odynet as your Broadband Internet Services Provider and you get a high-speed dedicated connection right to your business to help keep your business on track.
Enjoy our local friendly support, and our over 21 years experience providing internet connections.

Business DSL

+$10 for Dry Loop
+$10 for Dry Loop
FTTN 15-1
+$10 for Dry Loop
FTTN 25-10
+$10 for Dry Loop
FTTN 50-10
+$10 for Dry Loop
Ethernet or Multilink PPP
Call for Pricing
Download 6 Mbps 6 Mbps 15 Mbps 25 Mbps 50 Mbps 10 - 40 Mbps
Upload 800 Kbps 800 Kbps 1 Mbps 10 Mbps 10 Mbps 10 - 40 Mbps
Bandwidth 50 GB** Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited** 300 GB**
Install Free Free $50 $50 $50
DSL Modem Rental Free
(Details below)
(Details below)
(Details below)
$10 $10

See below for details

Wireless Upgrade $3 $3 $3
Add Basic Webhosting $10
(Details below)
(Details below)
(Details below)
(Details below)
(Details below)

* Pricing subject to change
**Additional bandwidth on non-unlimited packages $0.25 per GB (max $25.00)

Free DSL Modem Rental

  • DSL modem rentals are typically $5/month, 4 port WIFI Modem/Router combo typically $8/month.
  • Odynet is offering a special whereby we will offer a DSL Modem rental for Free, or our 4 port WIFI Modem / Router combo for $3/month for use on our DSL Basic, Standard, and FTTN 15-1 services for as long as you use that service. (A discount of $5 off either option).
  • Service must be paid for with either Pre-approved Payment (PAP) or Credit Card.
  • Customer agrees to pay to have the modem shipped to them, and returned to Odynet within 7 days of terminating service. (Canada Post Express Post is typically $13) (Local pickup/drop off is of course free)
  • There is a $25 security deposit for the modem which is refunded when the modem is returned. Customer agrees to pay Odynet ($75 modem) ($100 4 port Modem/Router Combo) if it is not returned within 7 days of terminating service in clean/working condition with all cables/accessories as it was supplied with.
  • Modems can also be purchased: 1 port modem/router $75 (+HST), 4 port wireless modem/router combo $100 (+HST)

Payment Options

  • Services must be paid for with either Pre Authorized Payment (PAP) or Credit Card
  • Company cheque (3 month term) upon approval
  • All prices recurring monthly and taxes extra)

Dry Loop

Don't have a phone line? We can install something called a "Dry Loop"
A Dry loop is a service we can add to your DSL service that will allow us to use the copper wire that runs between your business and the Bell office. (without having to have phone service)
Dry Loop service is $10/month plus a one time install fee of $15


Click here to find out about the DSL install process

Add Basic Webhosting to your DSL service

  • Host your domain (www.yourdomainname.com) on one of our dedicated web servers
  • 100 MB Server Space for Web content
  • Create and run custom CGI scripts for your domain
  • Receive e-mail at your-email-address @ your-domain-name.com
  • No server setup fees