DSL Install Process

DSL Install process...
  • High speed DSL service takes approximately 4-5 days to Install.
  • This time is required for us to have Bell connect your phone line to our DSL system.
  • If you are having dsl service installed on an existing bell phone line, you will probably not need to have a technician visit your place.
  • If you are having dsl service installed on a dry loop, a technician will most likely need to come to your place.
  • If a site visit is required we will work with you to schedule a time that is convenient to both you and a Bell tech. Once this time has been arranged, you will need to ensure someone is at your location for the tech to complete the install. Bell usually schedules these visits for all day. Unfortunately they don't commit to either a morning or afternoon appointment.

During this 4 day period, you will need to drop by our office to:
  • Pick up a DSL modem if you don't already have one
  • Sign a service agreement, giving us authority to have the DSL installed on your phone line
  • Drop off a voided cheque (if paying by direct debit)
  • If you are not local to one of our offices, let us know and we can ship any modems/hardware and service agreement to you via Canada Post Express ($13)
Please note, billing for service begins on the day that the service is activated , not the first time you connect.