Who We Are

At Odynet, we are the team of people dedicated to providing a high speed connection between you and the Internet.
Odynet is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing High Speed Internet Connections throughout Ontario and Quebec at the best prices possible.
  • Odynet and the people at Odynet have been providing Ontario and Quebec with highspeed internet connections since 1994.
    (Certainly one of the early adopters) And still going strong after all these years!
  • Odynet is based in London Ontario
  • Odynet is a full service Internet Service Provider.
    Primarily offering Internet access via either DSL, Cable, or Fiber connections.
    Also specializing in Domain / Web site hosting, and server Co-location
  • Primary network data-center in London, with core routing/switching located at 151 Front St. Toronto

We live, breathe, eat and sleep the Internet.
Years of experience that you can take advantage of.

Our Future: We are committed to remaining on the leading edge of the rapidly evolving world of the Internet and High Speed connections.
For our valued customers, we will continue to provide the best value possible.

Thanks: A special thanks to all customers that have chosen Odynet for their connection to the world
Again, we love doing what we do, and we think we are doing a good job at it.