Autoresponder / Mail Forwarding

This walkthrough is meant to set up an auto-reply message and optionally forward your incoming email to other addresses. This can be useful when you are away on vacation.

Step 1. [ Log in to Odynet Webmail ]

- Open your browser.
- Type '' in the address bar and hit the Enter key.
- Click 'WebMail' from the left menu under Member Services.
Step 1

Step 2. [ Enter Odynet Email Address / Password ]

- Type in your Odynet email address.
- Type in the password for this email address.
- Click the 'Login' button.

Step 3. [ Options ]

- Click the 'Options' link across the top of your emails.

Step 4. [ Autoresponder / Mail Forwarding ]

- Click the 'Autoresponder / Mail Forwarding' option.

Step 5. [ Options ]

- Check the box beside 'Enable auto-reply to sender' if you would like the sender to receive an automatic response.
- You can change the subject of the auto-reply email, as well as the actual message that is sent.
- '$SUBJECT' denotes the subject of the email that was sent to you.
- Check the box beside 'Forward incoming messages to addresses listed below' if you would like the messsage automatically forwarded to a different email address(es).
- Enter the email address(es) you would like the emails forwarded to (one email address per line).
- You may have both boxes checked (an automatic reply would be sent as well as the original email would be forwarded).
- Click the 'Submit' button to save settings.