Windows Vista

This walkthrough is meant to set up an Odynet PPPoE connection in Windows Vista.

Step 1. [ Open Control Panel ]

- Click Start button / Control Panel

Step 2. [ Network and Internet ]

- click the 'Network and Internet' link

Step 3. [ Network and Sharing Center ]

- click the 'Network and Sharing Center' link

Step 4. [ Set up ]

- click the 'Set up a connection or network' link from the Tasks list

Step 5. [ New Connection Wizard ]

- click 'Connect to the Internet'
- click Next 

Step 6. [New Connection Wizard (con't)]

- click 'Broadband (PPPoE)'

Step 7. [ User Information ]

- type your Odynet username (including the in to the box beside 'User name:' and type your password beside 'Password:'

type 'Odynet' beside the 'Connection Name:'


click 'Connect' button to complete the setup and connect

Step 8. [ Browse ]

- if there are no issues you will get this screen
- click 'Browse the Internet now' to open Internet Explorer