Mac OS X 10.6

This walkthrough is meant to set up an Odynet PPPoE connection in OS X 10.6.
(not all pictures will match the version of OS X you pocess)
Step 1. [ Apple Menu ]

- Click the "Apple" icon to show menu

Step 2. [ System Preferences ]

- Click "System Preferences..." from menu

Step 3. [ Network ]

- Click the "Network" icon in System Preferences

Step 4. [ Device Configuration ]

- Click the "Ethernet" option from the list on the left

Step 5. [ Create PPPoE Service ]

- From the "Configure" dropdown, choose "Create PPPoE Service..."

Step 5b. [PPPoE Service Name]

- For the Service Name, enter "Odynet"
- Click the "Done" button

Step 6. [ Enter Credentials and Connect ]

- Click the new "Odynet" connection from the list on the left
- Beside "Account Name:" type in your Odynet username
(remember the
- Type in your Odynet password in the "Password:" field
- Place a check in the "Remember this password" checkbox
- Place a check in the "Show PPPoE status in menu bar" checkbox
- Click the "Apply" button
- Click the "Connect" button to start enjoying the Internet now

Step 7. [ Connect (Option B) ]

To connect later on (after you restart your computer)
- Click the Connection icon on the menu bar
- Click "Connect Odynet"