Following are the steps changing the Wireless Channel:

*Note: For best results, if possible connect the device directly to the router via Ethernet cable.

Click HERE to download the PDF version.

Step 1: Access the modem

Open a browser, and navigate to

By default, the username should be 'admin'
The password is located on the label underneath the device.

Step 2: Access Wireless Settings

Once logged in, Choose 'Wireless' on the top option bar

Choose "Radio" on the left menu

To view/change the current Wireless Channel (Labelled as 'Control Channel')

By default, it is set to 'Auto', beside the selection box indicates the current channel and status.
To change the channel, use the drop down and choose the appropriate channel desired.

After changing the wireless channel, verify its status, if it is still high/severe, try another channel.

It requires some trial and error to find a clear channel depending on the area/surroundings.
Typically try to choose a channel frequency opposite from its troubled channel frequency.
For example; if currently set to channel 6, try changing it to channel 11.

Step 3: Apply Changes

Click 'Apply' and the modem will now broadcast on the new channel.

Most devices will re-connect on a new channel automatically.
If it does not re-join the network, select the WiFi connection on the device again to resume.

Note: If using Ethernet, disconnect it and allow the device to re-connect wirelessly.
If the wireless issues persist, repeat the steps above to attempt to find a clear channel.
If you are unable to resolve the issue on any channel, contact support for advanced troubleshooting.