Entering VoIP Settings

This walkthrough will provide you with the steps to setup your GrandStream VoIP adapter.

Step 1. [ Access the VoIP Adapter configuration ]

- Dial '***' then '02' when asked "Enter menu option", Note the IP address.
- Open your browser (IE/Edge, Firefox, Chrome or Safari)
- Navigate to the VoIP Adapter's IP address ie.

You will be prompted for a password to login.
- Enter the password 'admin'

Step 2. [ Set ]

- Modify Time Zone string for EST/EDT 'MTZ+5MDT+4,M3.2.0,M11.1.0'
- Choose 'No' for 'Allow DHCP server to set Time Zone' option
- Apply the updated configuration.

Step 3. [ Configure ]

- Enter Primary SIP Server 'voip2.ody.ca:6060'
- Set NAT Traversal to 'Keep-Alive'
- Enter the login details into the following fields:
  • SIP User ID (Username)
  • Authenticate Password (SIP Password)
  • Name (Call Display Name)
- Set Outgoing Call without Registration to 'No'
- Set the following options to 'Yes'
  • Use Random SIP Port
  • Use Random RTP Port
  • Transfer on Conference Hangup
- Set Allow Incoming SIP Message from SIP Proxy Only to 'Yes (no direct IP calling if Yes)'
- Choose the following Preferred DTMF method priorities
  • Priority 1: RFC2833
  • Priority 2: SIP INFO
  • Priority 3: In-audio
- Set Enable Call Features to 'No'
- Choose the following Preferred Vocoder: (in listed order)
  • Choice 1: PCMU
  • Choice 2: G729
  • Choice 3: PCMU
  • Choice 4: PCMU
  • Choice 5: PCMU
  • Choice 6: PCMU

Step 4. [ Apply & Reboot ]

- Click 'Apply'
- On the following screen, choose 'Reboot'
Once the device has rebooted check if the device is registered on the "Status" page by logging into the adapter again by follwing Step 1