Configure modem to PPPoE Connection

This walkthrough will provide you with the settings required to re-configure the modem to connect with Odynet.
If using a 3rd party router consult your router's user manual for assistance in finding the equivalent settings.

*Note: For best results, if possible connect the device directly to the router via Ethernet cable.

Click HERE to download the PDF version.

Step 1: Access the modem

  • Open a browser, and navigate to
  • A prompt for username and password will appear.
    By default, username is 'admin' and password is 'admin'

    Step 2: Navigate the Configuration page

    Choose 'Interface Setup' from the menu
    The screen defaults to your Internet settings.
    Click the radio button beside 'PPPoA/PPPoE' to begin setting up a connection.

    Step 3: Setting the PPPoE Settings

    After the page refreshes, new options will appear, this will include the area to enter the PPPoE information.
    If the device was already set to PPPoA/PPPoE proceed to entering account information in the next step.

    Configure the router with the following PPPoE settings

    Username: Odynet username, ending in
    Password: The password to Odynet account supplied at signup

  • An important setting to check is the 'Connection', confirm it is set to 'Always On (Recommended)'.
  • Step 4: Save Settings

    On the bottom of the page, click 'Save' to complete.

    The device will reboot, allow 30-120 seconds for it to initialize, the device will connect the service once it completes.