Entering Authenticated Outgoing server settings

This walkthrough will provide you with the steps for setting your iPhone/iPad outgoing mail server to properly allow emails to be sent via networks not directly connected to Odynet's infastructure.

(These instructions assume you have already setup an Odynet account on your device, if you have not please visit the support page for directions on how to add a new account for your specific device.)

Step 1. [ Access the mail settings ]

- Open the 'Settings' app.
- Scroll down to 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars'

- Choose the Odynet account, if you do not have an account added yet, choose 'Add Account' and follow the pages to setup a new account then proceed with Step 2 once completed.
Step 2. [ Access 'Outgoing' settings ]

- After the account information screen opens, tap on the 'SMTP' option at the bottom.

- On the next screen tap on the Odynet SMTP to open the settings.

- Enter the outgoing SMTP settings.
- The following settings will allow external authentication:
  • Host Name should already be filled with 'mail-out.ody.ca'
  • Enter your Odynet username without the '@ody.ca'
  • Enter your Odynet password
  • "Use SSL", should be OFF
  • Set "Authentication" to 'Password'

  • Confirm the Port number is set to '587' not '25'

  • Why are these settings neccessary?

    When you are using the Odynet service you are already on our network and the outgoing e-mail does not require any special permissions to send, when on a network that is not Odynet, authentication must occur to allow the server to send e-mail via Odynet from a network that is not part of our infastructure. This is also known as Authenticated SMTP or ASMTP for short.