Apple Mail

This walkthrough is meant to set up your Odynet email address in Apple Mail.
(not all images / steps will match the version of Apple Mail you are using)

Step 1. [ Open Apple Mail ]

- Click the 'Mail' icon
Step 1

Step 2. [ Enter Basic Information ]

If the wizard does not open automatically, click 'File' menu, then click 'Add Account...'
- Type in your name, Odynet email address, and password
- Click the 'Continue' button

Step 3. [ Incoming Mail Server ]

- Choose 'POP' from the 'Account Type:' dropdown
- For 'Description:', type ''
- For 'Incoming Mail Server:', type ''
- The 'User Name:' and 'Password:' fields should be pre-filled with your Odynet username and Odynet password

Step 3b. [ Password Security ]

- If a password security message box pops up, click the 'Continue' button

Step 4. [ Outgoing Mail Server ]

- In the 'Description:' field, type ''
- In the 'Outgoing Mail Server:' field, type ''
- Make sure 'Use only this server' is checked
- Do NOT place a check beside 'Use Authentication'
- Click the 'Continue' button

Step 5. [ Outgoing Mail Server Security ]

- Do NOT place a check beside 'Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)'
- Choose 'None' from the 'Authentication:' dropdown
- Click the 'Continue' button

Step 6. [ Account Summary ]

- Verify everything is correct
- Place a check beside 'Take account online'
- Click the 'Create' button to complete the setup