Apple iPhone Mail

This walkthrough is meant to set up your Odynet email address on your Apple iPhone.
(not all images / steps will be compatible with every version of the Apple iPhone)

Step 1. [ Open Settings ]

- Tap the 'Settings' icon
Step 1

Step 2. [ Open Mail, Contacts, Calendars ]

- Tap the 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' settings option 

Step 3. [ Add Account... ]

- Tap the 'Add Account...' option

Step 4. [ Other ]

- Tap the 'Other' option at the bottom of the list

Step 5. [ Add Mail Account ]

- Tap the 'Add Mail Account' option

Step 6. [ New Account ]

- Type in your name
- Type in your Odynet email address
- Type in your Odynet password
- Tap the 'Save' button

Step 7. [ New Account (con't) ]

- Tap the 'POP' button ** VERY IMPORTANT **

Step 7b. [ New Account (Incoming Mail Server) ]

- Scroll down and enter 'Host Name':
- Type in your 'User Name' (email address WITHOUT

Step 7c. [ New Account (Outgoing Mail Server) ]

- Scroll down and enter 'Host Name':
- Tap the 'Save' button in the top right corner

Step 7d. [ New Account (SSL Warning) ]

- When the SSL warning message pops up, tap 'Yes'
- If the SSL warning pops up a second time, tap 'Yes' again

Step 8. [ Edit Mail Account ]

- Tap the account we just set up

Step 9. [ Edit SMTP Server ]

- Scroll down and tap on 'SMTP' under Outgoing Mail Server

Step 10. [ Change SMTP Server ]

- Make sure the '' server is set to 'Off'
- Tap on your cellphone's SMTP Server option
(Rogers, in this case)
** If your cellphone provider does not include a SMTP server, please contact them to set one up **

Step 11. [ Turn on Cellphone's SMTP Server ]

- Tap the 'On/Off' switch to make sure it reads 'On'
- Tap the 'SMTP' button in the top left corner to complete